Display Cabinets


Product Features

Laminated Top Glass

Ceramic Printed Side Glass

Corian Side Panel

Flavour Tag with LED Backlits

LED Lights-White/Warm White

Corian Front Panel

Corian Counter Top

RGB Bottom Light

AISI 304G Scotch Bright Finish Stainless Steel Interiror & Exterior


Laminated Front Glass with Tilt Forward System

Technical Specifications

Model Lx:DxH(in mm) Refrigeration Product
Tempº C
Defrosting Climate Glass
No. of GN Pans Electrical Input(Std) Watts
12flv 1229×1101x1268 Ventilated -21/-18 Hot Gas 4/30/55 12 1575
16flv 1540×1101x1268 - -21/-18 Hot Gas - 16 1856
20flv 1851×1101x1268 - -21/-18 Hot Gas - 20 2968

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