Blast Chillers / Freezers

Product Features

43˚C Ambiant

Embraco/Danfoss Compressor

Forced Air Circulation

Defrosting By Heating Element

Evaporated by Hot Gas

R134A / R404A

Product Features

No welding and polish on exterior surface of unit
Heated door frame to avoid water condensation (only for freezer)
43°C ambient temperature, can be used in the hottest places
Draining system inside for defrosting water
Monoblock refrigeration system, easy to take off for repairing and cleaning
Reversible and self-closing door
Exterior & Interior of AISI 304 stainless steel
Door gasket is easy to take off for cleaning and replacement
High density insulation, CFCs free, 75 mm of thickness, 40 Kg/M³
Wide round edges and corners for cleaning
High speed fan motor ensures the cooled air be blowed to anywhere inside
Shelf size, 530×650 mm, suitable for GN 2/1 (Refrigerated Cabinets) & shelf size, 530×325 mm, suitable for GN 1/1 container (Refrigerated Counters)
Digital thermostat with temperature display, precisely set temperature for foods
Adjustable feet, up to 200 mm
Defrosting system by Time and Temperature automatically
Options: Castor

Product Highlights

High Power Cooling System

High efficiency compressor

Smart Controller

The pre-set cycles programs quickly ensures your products to be chilling or freezing

Strong Air Circulation

Big fan motor ensures quickly chilling and freezing to keep quality of foods inside

Food Core Probe

Precisely detects the core temperature of the products

Container Rack

Suitable container size 530x325mm & 600x400mm

Self-closing Door

Thicken door handle with end cover self close to reduce heat loss

Extra-thick Insulation

75mm thickness of insulation for better heat preservation, reduced energy consumption

Strong Magnetic Gasket

Removable gasket for cleaning and replacement

Round Edge & Corner

Food residue and water can be easily cleaned to reduce bacteria and guarantee the safety of food

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