Display Cabinets


Product Features

Line of refrigerated display cabinets with Ventilated refrigeration

It is composed of 5 height adjustable glass shelves

Manufactured through the use of environment friendly gas and with Automatic defrosting

The standard fitting includes the new SOFT-TOUCH digital thermostat on the door’s glass and 2 LED bars

The structure with innovative design is in Silver Quartz/Black Opal colour

This refrigeration system, always more requested, allows the insertion in the same cabinet of both confectionery and ice cream products by simply entering in the thermostat the required temperature

With the possibility of choosing the displaying glass from 1 to 4 sides

Available with revolving shelves, adjustable straight shelves

Technical Specifications

Model Lx:DxH(in mm) Refrigeration Capacity (in Ltrs) Product Tempº C Defrosting Climate Glass N°/C°/%RH No. of Shelves Electrical Input(Std) Watts
Scenic-Rev/Straight Glass Shelves 700x650x1900 Ventilated 420 +2/+10 Automatic 4/30/55 6 Levels 580
Scenic-Glass Door Freezer 650x650x1900 Ventilated 450 +5/+20 Automatic 4/30/55 6 Levels 900
Scenic-Wine Cooler 850x650x2250 Ventilated 780 +4/+18 Automatic 4/30/55 4 levels 600

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